1.) Over 14,000 drug-related deaths and suicides in Massachusetts in last 10 years, high schools with drug rehab programs, crowded jails, an endless cycle of detox and rehabs–what can be done?

US SoldiersPoppyFields

American troops inspect Afghan opium poppy farmers

DrugDead.org is a product of the anger,  frustration, and sadness over the long-running addiction problem that has plagued most of this country for the last two generations or so.  Despite advances in technology, communication, etc. as well as an enormous expansion in the powers of law enforcement at governmental, state, and community levels,  drugs continue to pollute our communities and homes and kill us at unprecedented levels.  

2.) If we can’t find the heroin and cocaine, how will we ever find the terrorists?

While military and commercial satellites and drones show us where the Afghanistan Taliban sleep at night, U.S. intelligence agencies have been unable to track and intercept heroin shipments from that country.  And this persists despite the significant U.S. military presence in that country since 9/11.

3.) Help get drugs out of our schools and communities!  Support DrugDead.org !  Sign our petition.

fake Gucci bags

Confiscated counterfeit Gucci and Fendi pocket books

fake superbowl items

Confiscated counterfeit NFL gear

While federal and state police agencies are successful at intercepting counterfeit Gucci bags and Super Bowl t-shirts, deadly drugs are available in every American small town.
DrugDead.org is concerned that the so-called War on Drugs is not being waged effectively.  In fact, Massachusetts has lost more of its citizens to drug overdose deaths than were lost during World War II.

4.) Tell your police to bring their drug-sniffing dogs to every school everyday!  Have your teachers and school administrators insist on this!

Sleeping Drug-Sniffing Dog

Sleeping Drug-Sniffing Police Dog

 Many communities have police departments with drug-sniffing dogs.  Unfortunately these dogs spend most of their day sleeping in the police station kennel.  Why?  Why aren’t they used until 3 weeks before Election Day? We should all know these dogs by name as they greet us as we drop off our kids at school.  Here again, the War on Drugs is a half-hearted effort!

Our law-enforcement resources are underused as access to drug treatment centers and drug detox beds  cannot satisfy the demand (regardless of the enormous cost and disappointing success rate of these interventions).  

Prescription pain medicines now kill more U.S. young people than car accidents.

5.)  Tell your politicians there will be consequences for this enormous drug problem and their failure to make our communities drug-free.  As Coach Belichick would tell them “DO YOUR JOB!”weather

Neuroscience continues to uncover proof of identifiable, specific, and predictable changes in the brain caused by the various substances of abuse whether it be alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, caffeine, or even medicines such as Xanax, Adderall, Oxycontin, etc.  Each of these substances can correct or dull the human experience of anxiety, depression, loneliness and inertia.  The risk of reliance on any of these over the long term introduces the very real risk of addiction, when reliance morphs into relationship–“My cigarette is my best friend”, “Heroin is all the love I’ll ever need”.

“If I did my job the way they do theirs, I’d be here about a week.” – Bill Belichick

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